Quantitative analytical filters

The quantitative filter papers or ashless filter papers are made with 100% high quality cotton linters fibers which go through a severe chemical process.

They have been washed out with a specific acid treatment and finally cleaned from impurities with demineralized water. This process allows to reach an ash content of 0.01%. These papers are used to count during demanding analysis.

filtraTECH ‘s grades: QT41 | QT42 | QT43 | QT44 | QT45 | QT49

Available in sheets (F), plain discs (A) or folded discs (P). 


  • Ashless filters

    Without binder, the range of ashes filters cover all uses with various filtration speeds and pore sizes.

  • Wet strengthened filters

    The range of wet strengthened filters offers the same low ash content as quantitative filters but are also more resistant when they are wet thanks to the binder used for its production. They are especially recommended for acid filtration.

Active filters