Filter papers

This line was developed to cover a wide range of laboratory uses, whatever its size, in the private or public sectors.

All the products that we offer can be used in medical fields, in education (schools, universities), in research for either general or very specific analysis (cytology, chromatology...).


  • Quantitative...

    The quantitative filter papers or ashless filter papers are made with 100% high quality cotton linters fibers which go through a severe chemical process.

    They have been washed out with a specific acid treatment and finally cleaned from impurities with demineralized water. This process allows to reach an ash content of 0.01%. These papers are used to count during demanding analysis.

    filtraTECH ‘s grades: QT41 | QT42 | QT43 | QT44 | QT45 | QT49

    Available in sheets (F), plain discs (A) or folded discs (P). 

  • Qualitative analytical...

    Those grades are made with high purity cotton linters fibres and cellulose fibres (ash content of 0.06%). The qualitative filter papers allow to determinate with great precision the nature of the filtered solutions and to check the composition of the samples. They offer better resistance to chemicals and moisture compared to standard filters and thus can be used for food, beverages, environmental analysis (air, soil ...).

    filtraTECH 's grades: QL01 | QL02 | QL03 | QL04 | QL05 | QL08 Available in sheets (F), plain discs (A) or folded discs (P). 

  • Standard filter papers

    The standard filter papers are made with 100% cellulose and could have various applications in hospital/medical works, in research laboratories, in schools/universities, in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, water treatment or food industries...

    filtraTECH‘s grades: ST60 | ST61 | ST62 | ST63 | ST64 | ST65 | ST67

    Available in plain sheets (F), plain discs (A) or folded discs (P). 

  • Glass / quartz...
  • For specific applications

    In this category you will find the filter papers which are used in particular in some industries or for some restricted applications.

  • Filtration accessories

    Our filtration accessories can be used with all our filter papers, glass or quartz microfibre filters.

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