The micro-filtration range enables to separate micro-particles through a membrane. The result obtained will depend on the membrane pore size and the pressure given on the initial liquid or gaz.


  • Membrane filters

    Depending on the sample and on the analytical operation you are proceeding with, choose carefully your membrane type: they come in different materials, pore sizes and diameter.

    Sterile or not, white or black, plain or gridded, filtraTECH membrane filters are compatible with all filtration apparatus (glass solvent filters, vacuum filtration systems...).

  • Syringe filters

    Moulded in a polypropylene shelter, filtraTECH syringe filters are conceived with the best membrane filters to meet the requirements in all types of industries : chemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental, food, automotive...

    The range is available with various dimensions (13, 25 and 33 mm), pore size (at least 0.22 and 0.45 µm), sterile or not.

  • Filtration devices

    Our filtration devices are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards and have been selected for their attractive prices.

    Our vacuum systems and our glass solvent filters are adapted for filtraTECH's membrane filters or glass microfibre filters. Spare parts for our apparatus are available upon request.

Active filters