Glass / quartz microfiber filters


  • Glass microfiber...

    Made with 100% borosilicated microglass fibers, these filters offer an excellent level of very small particles retention (up to 1μ) and a large loading capacity.

    They are particularly suitable for micro­ filtration of air, gases and liquids as they resist to temperature as high as 500 °C and are compatible to most of solvents and reagents (except hydrofluoric acid).

    filtraTECH ‘s grades: FV21 | FV22 | FV23 | FV24 | FV25 | FV26 Available in discs (A) – other sizes upon request. 

  • Glass microfiber...

    The glass microfiber filters with binder have a lower resistance to temperature (up to 180°C maximum). The hydrophobic grades are particularly suitable for air and gas analysis. At the opposite, the hydrophilic grades are adapted to liquid filtration.

    filtraTECH ‘s grades: FV27 | FV28 | FV29

    Available in discs (A) – other sizes upon request. 

  • Quartz microfiber filters

    The quartz microfiber filters offer the same technical specifications as glass microfiber filters without binder, except for the higher temperature resistance (up to 900 °C).

    They are ideally suitable for the monitoring of suspended lead particles in air, emission of chimney smokes or any other acid solution.

    filtraTECH ‘s grades: FQ30
    Available in discs (A) or in sheets (F). 

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