pH & reagent indicators

The pH indicator papers are impregnated with one or several coloured indicators solutions which allow a rapid and precise reading of pH of liquid solutions.

You have to pour a few drops of the solution to be tested on a piece of pH paper and compare it to the colour of the printed colorimetric scale.


  • Reagent in rolls

    The bestseller: 5m roll of test paper with its dispenser

    Most frequently known and used article, the roll of reagent paper with dispenser has been designed to improve the grip with the notched edge of the box. For a greatest efficiency, the distributor now includes a small saw.

    Each roll is carefully packed in an aluminium foil to protect the test paper and is then incorporated in its plastic dispenser. The rolls are individually packed in a cardboard box.

  • Refill rolls
    The smart purchase!
    Refill rolls are supplied with their own colour scale to correctly decipher the results obtained and are compatible with the dispensers you already own.

    In order to provide the best quality possible, each roll has its own hermetic protection of aluminium.

    Refill reagent paper rolls are sold in packs of 3 rolls of 5 m each and are packed in qualitative pockets.

  • Booklets of strips

    The economical solution

    The booklets of reagent papers have the advantage of offering pre-cut strips of sufficient length to realize your analysis. 

    Also featuring a colour scale of results read on the cover, the booklets are very convenient to use. 

    The strips are carefully stapled to the cover of the booklets.

  • Bottle of strips

    The practical one

    For an optimum protection of the paper, the strips are packed in a plastic bottle with a removable cap. for an easier handling. The test papers are already precut in strips of sufficient length for both handling and result reading.

    The opacity of the bottle gives higher protection of the reagent paper against light and humidity while the presence of the tamper collar guarantees that the product has never been opened before.

    Sold in bottles of 200 units.

  • Non bleeding test strips

    The most accurate one: the non-bleeding plastic strips

    Thanks to the multiplicity of its testing zones compared to the result scale, the indicator pH plastic strips offer increased reliability while interpreting the results. 

    Plastic and rigid, the strip can stay longer in the solution during the analysis. The indicators are directly attached to the cellulose fibres and therefore cannot contaminate the solution.

  • Liquid pH indicator

    Liquid pH indicators indicate pH values of your samples by using only a few drops of solutions.

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