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In this category you will find the filter papers which are used in particular in some industries or for some restricted applications.

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  • Usable in the food industry, the filter papers for the sugar industry offer a fast filtration of beet sugar juice for efficient saccharimetric tests or a very fast filtration for the clarification of cane sugar juice (after addition of lead acetate).

  • Hydrophobic thanks to a silicone impregnation, the phase separating paper is used for the separation of aqueous solutions from organic solutions. 

  • Low nitrogen content filter papers offer a slow filtration speed and are suitable for the determination of nitrogen content in steel and iron rough, or even glycaemia according to Hadedorn­-Jensen. 

  • This embossed filter paper 75 g/m2 is ideally used for any sample preparation and for the clarification of malt analysis in breweries. 

  • This filter paper is stained with a sulphured colouring and is used to reveal the particles of bright colours such as fluorine, silicon detection, mycelium in cultivated mushrooms, etc... 

  • This paper contains about of 35% of high quality activated carbon and it is recommended for a use in various fields clarification and brightening of duff and dark urines in laboratory or filtration of galvanic baths, clarification of coloured liquids in industry.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items