filtraTECH, filtration customized to your needs

Reactive paper conformity testing

filtraTECH, filtration customized to your needs

A French company dedicated to filtration for laboratories and industries, filtraTECH offers an exhaustive range of analytical filter papers (quantitative, qualitative, glass microfiber...), special papers (for protection, cleaning, weighing, chromatography...) and amongst other products, micro filtration articles (membranes, syringe filters).

Thanks to the 25-year-old expertise of our team, the company demonstrates their know-how in accompanying and advising our customers in the choice and development of tailored solutions.

The structure of the company enables flexible and agile responses to specific customers requests.

Products upon request

SHAPES PLIAGE PYRAMIDALOur catalogue covers a wide range of filtration products and therefore applications. However, if you do not find the product you need in our range, we will work with our suppliers to find the product that will give you the most satisfying alternative. In the same spirit, we develop and design cutting tools for less common formats. All you have to do is specify your needs or send us your technical drawing and we will manufacture the right tool.
Our expertise is not limited to cutting, we also know how to innovate in folding, packaging... Do not hesitate to consult us for your special requests.

Custom labelling

Our distributors want to stand out and most opt for packaging to their image. We develop, in delegation or in partnership, the labels which will allow the end users to better identify them and thus to renew their filtration consumables effectively. Logo, text, barcodes or QR codes are all customizable elements. Some distributors have asked us to develop less neutral, more qualitative, or home-designed packaging. Our printing partner supports us in these projects.

Maximized stock

Because we do not belong to any group, we were able to choose as a major strategic axis to deliver your orders in less time. On 90% of the best-selling references, we guarantee sufficient stock levels to be able to deliver your orders as quickly as possible (average lead time : 2 weeks). Indeed, we directly manage our stock management policy thanks to our financial independence.

Appreciated responsiveness

With your satisfaction as a top priority, we know that waiting time to get a quote or any other piece of information can make you lose business. That is why we are committed to confirm your orders within 48 hours. Requests for documentation (catalogue, data sheet, safety data sheet, price request, equivalences ) are treated with the same rigor. Should you have to respond quickly to a tender, you can count on us to support you in closing your deals. Our availability and responsiveness are the keys to your satisfaction.

Optimized order flow

To facilitate your inventory management and reduce your transport costs, we apply as much as possible the consolidation of your orders into a single shipment, fully or partially. This allows you to serve your customers faster. Whenever a request is urgent (your customer is out of stock), we know how to make express dispatches to help you out. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Process compliance and continuous quality control

DIn order to guarantee the best quality of our services and products, we detailed every step of your order (order receipt, manufacture, preparation, shipment, billing, complaint) in processes. The different procedures described make it possible to ensure that the treatment will be identical regardless of the operator.

The procedures implemented at Filtratech involve quality control at all stages of manufacturing: visual inspection, quantitative verification, compliance with both customer and internal specifications. In the event of a complaint, it is therefore easy to identify its cause and deal with it efficiently in order to avoid replicating any incidents.

ISO 9001:2015 certification

The team's efforts and commitment in our quality policy were rewarded by the obtention of ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2018. Quality is the central pillar of our corporate strategy: it makes us questions our day-to-day habits and how we can improve our processes, it questions our ability to give sufficient resources to achieve the objectives set and measures the overall performance of the company. 


The filtering products of our range meet well-defined technical characteristics. We only work with suppliers capable of meeting these requirements and guaranteeing the reliability and durability of the products. From the receipt of raw materials to the delivery of finished products in your warehouses, we rigorously monitor each stage of manufacturing or preparation of your orders and a batch number traces each item.


Our primary responsibility lies with our employees. Despite our status as a VSE, we are committed to a social policy that respects individuals and their development at work. How? We invest in ergonomics and safety at the various workstations; we contribute to the improvement of the well-being at work by the creation of convivial and cordial spaces; finally, we favor human exchanges while developing team spirit.


We are trying to limit the impact of our actions on the environment. How? By sorting the waste first, so that each material can be revalorized specifically. By recycling packaging on the other hand, in order not to consume excessively cardboards or plastic when it is possible to reuse still clean boxes. By limiting power consumption, an unused machine is turned off, an empty room is not lit, all purchases of new equipments is checked so that its environmental impact is limited.