Special papers

Made for laboratory uses, our range of special papers cover a wide range of applications (weighing, chromatography, phase separation...)

If you are looking for a specific product which is not registered yet, please feel free to contact us !


  • Chromatography

    Produced with high quality cotton linters, the chromatography papers allow to absorb samples more or less important depending on the thickness of the grade (wet-strengthened quality).

    filtraTECH's grades: CH51 | CH53 | CH58 | CH59

    Available in sheets (F) or in rolls (R). 

  • Industries

    This range covers paper consumables that are used in food industries, paper industries...

  • Protection and cleaning

    To protect your work benches and clean them correctly.

  • Weighing and microscopy

    Do you need special papers for your laboratory equipment? You will find here weighing articles and other optical cleaning products.

  • Medical

    This category shows product that have been developed for the medical fields; they can be used in hospitals, medical laboratories...

  • Stoppers

    For all your flasks, test tubes, Erlenmeyer or other laboratory bottles.

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