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  • The blotting papers are used for their great absorption qualities; they are suitable for the Cobb method (determination of water absorption in the production of sized paper) or for the pulp industry (sheet formation testing).

  • Due to their absorbent power, the seed papers are used to control the germination of seed samples because they retain enough water throughout the analysis without allowing the roots to penetrate in the paper.

  • This embossed filter paper 75 g/m2 is ideally used for any sample preparation and for the clarification of malt analysis in breweries. 

  • Usable in the food industry, the filter papers for the sugar industry offer a fast filtration of beet sugar juice for efficient saccharimetric tests or a very fast filtration for the clarification of cane sugar juice (after addition of lead acetate).

  • The filter­cards are used in food industry laboratories, among others in milk powder analysis or other dairy products, to measure the quality of the sample. Made of a specific non woven filter, the filter card is printed on a cardboard with enables the classification and storage of the result obtained.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items