Application fields

You will find here filtraTECH products that can be used in each application field. The lists are non exhaustive because sometimes unsuspected applications can be found for our products. If so, kindly contact us to keep us up to date!


  • Food industry

    Petfood, dairy products, sugar factories, oil production... all these industries need filters to analyse the quality of raw material or for the production process.

  • Drinks

    Depending on the type of drink you are working on, we suggest different types of filter papers. Note that habits can be different from one market to another and that we will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate filter for your application.

  • Agriculture

    Filtration in agriculture concerns mostly soil analysis, seed germination and composition control of animal food.

  • Health

    Articles for diagnosis, sterilisation, cytology... the applications are numerous in the drug and medical fields.

  • Education

    For practical works in biology or in chemistry in high schools or universities

  • Environment

    Reducing pollution of all types (air, water, soil, wastes produced by human activity) represent one of the highest stakes of our contemporary societies.

  • Industries

    Filter papers can be used for quality control in chemical industries or for analysis in oil refinery, electroplating, cement or concrete industries.

  • Cosmetics

    Filter papers have been used for a long time in the cosmetics industry : perfume, fragrance or essential oils production.

Active filters