Weighing and microscopy

Do you need special papers for your laboratory equipment? You will find here weighing articles and other optical cleaning products.

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  • The weighing papers bare a satin surface and are used to weigh all types of substances (beet mash, powders, liquids, etc...). Grades: PE25 (25 g/m2, easily crushable) | PE45 (45 g/m2, satin appearance, wet-strength resistance) 

  • The lens cleaning tissue is made with 100% Manila fibres. It does not scratch and is not fluffy. It is used for the cleaning of optical lens (objective, microscope, binoculars), glasses, and optical fibre filaments. Grades : OP12 (12 g/m2) | OP13 (13g/m2, premium quality)

  • Made in smooth parchment paper with a low nitrogen content, the weighing boats enable to weigh and transport easily various substances such as viscous products, pasty products or powders.

  • Very absorbent paper, the blotting pads (73 g/m2) are perfect to dry excessive liquids in microscopic preparations. 

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items