[CA] Cellulose acetate membranes


The CA membranes are produced with pure cellulose acetate which is modified, and have a high filtration efficiency. Naturally hydrophilic, they present a good thermic stability and a weak fixation of proteins. They are suitable for biological, aqueous samples and for filtration of proteins or enzymes. 

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Pore size (μm)
(ø 47 mm)
0.22 µm0.45 µm0.65 µm0.80 µm1.20 µm5.00 µm
Water flow
Bubble point



White, plain, no sterile
Quantité0.22 µm0.45 µm0.65 µm0.80 µm1.20 µm5.00 µm
Ø 25 mm100MF025CA022MF025CA045MF025CA065MF025CA080MF025CA120MF025CA500
Ø 47 mm100MF047CA022MF047CA045MF047CA065MF047CA080MF047CA120MF047CA500
Ø 50 mm100MF050CA022MF050CA045MF050CA065MF050CA080MF050CA120MF050CA500
Ø 90 mm100MF090CA022MF090CA045MF090CA065MF090CA080MF090CA120MF090CA500


White, plain, sterile

0.22 µm0.45 µm
Ø 47 mmMF047CA022SMF047CA045S

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