[RF3] 3-branch vacuum system
  • [RF3] 3-branch vacuum system
  • [RF] Filter holder
  • [RF] SS316 funnel
  • [RF] PTFE valves

[RF] SS316 multiple branches vacuum system


This filtration system is completely made in SS316L, it is particularly designed for the filtration of several samples at the same time for a more efficient laboratory.

Available in 2 versions: 3 branches, 6 branches or 3 branches with manometer.

Suitable for membranes or filters of size 47 or 50 mm.

The individual valves enable to stop each sample individually.

◤ Included:

- SS316L funnels of 300 ml

- SS316L filter supports

- Aluminium clamps

- Valves

◤ filtraTECH codes:

- 3 branches: RF3SS300

- 6 branches: RF6SS300

- 3 branches with manometer: RF3SS250M (funnels of 250 ml each)

◤ Spare parts available



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