[CF] Filter cards


The filter­cards are used in food industry laboratories, among others in milk powder analysis or other dairy products, to measure the quality of the sample. Made of a specific non woven filter, the filter card is printed on a cardboard with enables the classification and storage of the result obtained.

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filtraTECH ‘s codes:

  • ­Filter card used for determination of scorched particles in milk powder according ADMI method, made with a 110g/m2 non woven filter: CF110N57155

  • ­Filter card used for determination of sediments in milk powder, dairy products, made with a 110g/m2 non woven filter: CF110N4580

  • Filter card for multiple samples (48 analysis at the same time), made with a 130g/m2 non woven filter: CF130N1652/48

Available in boxes of 500 units (250 units for CF130N1652/48)

Other sizes / shapes upon request. Tailored products possible.

filtraTECH grade

Weight (g/m2)

Thickness (mm) 

Pore size (μm)

Permeability to air (L/m2/mm)
Wet tensile strength M.D (N/5 cm)
Wet tensile strength C.D. (N/5 cm)

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